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#BigStory: Evolution of love in Hindi cinema

Since it’s Valentine’s week and romance is in the air, we decided to explore how the definition of love has changed in Hindi cinema over the years for our #BigStory. While Hollywood has always prided itself on its visual effects and graphics, Bollywood is known for deftly handling emotions. Which explains why some of the most-watched Hindi films are romances. However, since films mirror society and the decades past have been full of changes thanks to globalisation, the definition of romance in Hindi cinema has changed too. Reverent love stories have transformed into mushy romances, lust-driven accounts, and even epic dramas to keep up with the changing times. In 2021, love is no longer a sacred bond or another name for friendship, it doesn’t alter the course of the protagonists’ lives, nor does it demand bloodshed. It’s sometimes an amalgamation of all these elements or something entirely different. -via TOI

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