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Anupam Kher opens up on 'Saaransh' remake

Nearly four decades ago Anupam Kher signed up to essay a role double his age and debuted in Bollywood with ‘Saaransh’. The first break was a sweet triumph after all the struggles! When a grand poster announcing ‘Saaransh’ was put up at producer Rajshri’s office in Prabhadevi, Anupam Kher visited it every night at 12:30 and performed a little victory dance to celebrate his moment. Fast forward to 37 years later and Anupam Kher still feels the excitement of signing a new film and has no plans of slowing down. In a free-wheeling tête-à-tête with ETimes, Anupam Kher opens up about his journey in cinema: -via TOI

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